Could it be sepsis?


Sepsis is a life-threatening illness that occurs when the human body over-reacts to infection and causes the immune system to go into ‘overdrive’ attacking not just the infection but everything else around it including organs and tissue. Unchecked sepsis can lead to organ failure and death.

  • Someone dies of Sepsis every 4 hours in Scotland
  • Sepsis accounts for 52,000 deaths annually in the UK – that’s more than breast, bowel & prostate cancer combined
  • It is the number 1 preventable cause of death in the world
  • Sepsis can kill in a matter of hours


Sepsis can be the result of any infection but most commonly in response to bacterial infections of the: Lungs Urinary tract Abdominal organs Skin & soft tissues


Early symptoms may include:

  • Very high or low temperature
  • Uncontrollable shivering ‘flu-like’ symptoms
  • Rapid heart beat Fast or difficult breathing
  • Not passing as much urine as normal
  • Cold or blotchy hands & feet

On their own these symptoms can be an indicator of other health problems. But if you’ve recently had an infection or injury and you have possible signs of sepsis ask “Is this Sepsis?”

If so speak to a medical professional for guidance and advice as soon as possible.

Time is critical when it comes to treating sepsis and every hour counts.

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